Q:   What is Discretionary Account?
A:   Redford Asset Management Limited has SFC type 4 & 9 licenses, through our services platform, clients authorize us to make trading decisions and strictly select most profitable funds & shares.
Q:   How can clients know their account performance?
A:   Redford emphasizes transparency in our services, thus we provide daily reports with account values & transaction details, to clients through email; and clients can also check their account update situation through our website. Of course, clients are always welcomed make enquiries through our customer services hotlines or contact their IFA consultants for reviewing portfolios.
Q:   How does Redford Asset Management make investment decisions?
Q:   Where are the client assets being placed?
A:   Clients’ funds direct funds policies will be held in their own names, and their securities will be held in client accounts which completely separate from Redford’s own asset.